What We Do

Bayshore Films, established in 2006, is the quality low cost leader in film distribution. We customize and sell top quality flexible packaging materials, manufactured on state of the art equipment. We purchase from only the most reputable suppliers that guarantee the highest quality products. Our typical customers are end users and converters/printers of flexible packaging materials. We have over 750 million pounds of  PET, BOPP,  BOPA, CPP and other capacity per year.


Long-Term Relationships with Customers & Suppliers

Customers and suppliers enjoy working with us because we’re a serviced-focused company. We do all that we can to ensure that everyone has the best experience working with Bayshore Films.

We pride ourselves on being friendly, and developing long-term relationships with customers and suppliers. Our goal is to ensure there is mutual trust throughout the entire process. The marque Bayshore Films principles are transparency, consistency, and efficiently delivering an exceptional film product.


Transparency, Consistency, and Efficiency

Those who work with us don’t need to worry about sudden and unexpected price changes, or changes in suppliers and unclear information about the origins or contents of our products. We effectively communicate the market drivers so you can plan ahead accordingly.

Through special arrangements with our suppliers we are able to offer solid market stable pricing for much longer periods than our competitors. Also, our list of suppliers remains short but consistent, and through transparency, our customers always know where their products originate from. (We always keep the original manufacturer labels on our products, rather than relabeling them with our brand name as most other film suppliers do.) Additionally, when the need arises you will work directly with the manufacture for technical and developmental projects and needs. This insures nothing is “lost in the translation”.

We understand that in the current converting environment, JIT program efficiency is one of the most important aspects to our customers success in the marketplace. So we are available 24/7 to ensure that we meet your needs in this demanding industry. We operate in a way that eliminates extended lead-time planning, providing customers with regional warehouse inventory if needed. Lastly, we do all that we can to eliminate bureaucracy and “noise” for those who work with us. Our goal is to make all transactions with Bayshore Films free to you.